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Grožinė literatūra en / Fiction /

Petrushka's syndrome  

Dina Rubina managed to do the impossible – she combined three different styles: a fascinating and at the same time almost Gothic novel about puppets and puppeteers putting together the poles of history and art; a family crime story and a psychological drama followed from vivid childhood and adolescent memories up to old bones.
The heroes here are smitten with passions. A man and a puppet, a puppeteer and a rebellious puppet, a man as a puppet – in the hands of the fate, in the hands of the Creator, under the ferule of family background – the author turned this deep and complicated metaphor on different facets, without deigning to straightforward analogies.
The mastery of literary “painting” by Dina Rubina, both landscape and portrait, is as always at her height: it seems that you’re eating hunches of fragrant air and gasping from pleasure.

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